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Discover the Local Treasures of our Unique Farmers Market in Clarenville!

A drone shot of the entire farm and market clarenville grounds showing the community kitchen, vendor booths, farm gardens, parking lot, and family activities
Farm and Market Clarenville

Whether you’re a first-time visitor from Clarenville or the surrounding areas of Bonavista, Port Rexton, Trinity, and beyond.... Or just visiting from out of town, we invite you to experience the unique charm of our lively and vibrant farm and market in Clarenville (FMIC)! 

Why Visit the Farm and Market Clarenville?

  1. Veggie U-Pick: The Farm and Market Clarenville Veggie U-Pick is a favorite among families and health food enthusiasts alike. Stroll through our garden and pick your fresh vegetables right off the stock. Not only are our veggies the freshest (and therefore most nutritious) compared to grocery store produce, but they’re also more affordable. Our Veggie U-Pick garden is a hands-on way for you and your family to learn where your food comes from and a fun way to experience the satisfaction of harvesting it yourself.

  1. Local Vendors and Unique Homemade Products: At FMIC, we pride ourselves on fostering local talents. Our vendors bring a diverse array of homemade goods you won't find anywhere else. From homemade crafts to unique jewelry, paintings, cosmetics, and home decor, the creativity on display is bound to inspire you. Each purchase supports the local economy and helps nurture the community's entrepreneurial spirit. FMIC is your spot to find the highest quality local homemade products.


  1. Fresh Baked Goods: At FMIC, our bakers serve up a wide variety of irresistible baked goods, from homemade bread to sweet pastries…made with love and the best local ingredients. The smell of freshly baked bread, sweet-savory cinnamon buns, and cookies is hard to resist. Our baked goods provide the perfect snack as you explore the market. If you're a fan of all things baked and delicious, you'll love our selection of baked goods. Our local bakers serve up a wide variety of products, from homemade bread to sweet pastries, all made with love and the best local ingredients. The smell of freshly baked bread, sweet savory cinnamon buns, and cookies is hard to resist and provides the perfect snack as you explore the market. 


  1. Entertainment and On-site games: The Farm and Market Clarenville isn't just a place to shop for the freshest local produce, it's a place to play and relax. We host a variety of on-site games and entertainment that are perfect for a family day out. While the kids play in our children's play area, the adults can relax in our social spaces and enjoy entertainment on our raised outdoor platform. Live performances vary, please check our events page for more information on live music at the FMIC.

A Community Hub for All Seasons

Every visit to Farm and Market Clarenville reveals the vibrant spirit of our community. More than just a farmers market, it is a place where community, stories, and laughter intertwine because here at FMIC, you are family. Running from June to December, our markets offer seasonal delights and events that highlight Newfoundland and Labrador’s culture and the rich offerings in the Clarenville community.

Join us for the fresh produce, stay for the community spirit, and take home everlasting memories. 

See you soon!


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